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Fully automatic gypsum cornice Guizhou Project


Dongyue fully automatic gypsum cornice making machine new project in Guizhou, more than 180 machines sold in China alone, our guarantee is good cornice comes out first day after installation.

1, To make 1000pcs a day you just need 4 workers, and 6 workers for 3000pcs a day.

2, The machine is automatic from gypsum power and water mixing till cutting section. 

3, We can guarantee you that qualified and beautiful cornices come out same day after production line installation. And rejection rate will be less than 1%. 

4, Our advantage is the gypsum slurry mixing part, we can guarantee you 24hrs continuous production without blockage. 

5, You dont have to clean the moulds every time, it is automatic cleaning. 

6, PLC controlled. 

7, Moulds are made from aluminum alloy, guarantee is 10 years usage.

8, Machine made cornice quality with 2 layers of mesh and one layer of fiberglass will make the strongest cornice you have ever seen, suitable and not easily damaged for transportation.


7million tons of gypsum powder consumed from the year 1993 till now, 7% of our total profit goes into after sales service and new technology upgrade. It is the trend to use machines instead of labor. Our 24 years experience in gypsum field will help you succeed. Contact me at sale1@gypsumequipments.com, Ph/Whatsapp:0086-15376093318.

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