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  • Product Name: Gypsum board production line

Product name              gypsum board production machine line
Capacity                  1-30 million square meters
Fuel                      Coal,gas,diesel oil,heavy oil
Gypsum Specification      Length:2440mm   Width:6mm-15mm     Thickness:9.5mm-15mm
Features                  Environmental, energy saving, money saving
Automation Degree         Fully automatic

Product Application
Paper faced gypsum board production line  can produce high quality paper faced gypsum board .With less investment and stable performace, the gypsum board is high quality, very light in weight, but strong.
According to our more than 28 years experience and surveys from the customers., we always provide advanced technology content, high reliability ,lower operation and qualified decorate technology scheme for gypsum board film laminating machine

Brief Introduction
1. Capacity: 1 million m2/year-30 million m2/year
2. Fuel: Coal, natural gas, heavy oil and diesel oil
3.Raw material: Gypsum powder, modified starch, protective paper, foaming agent, water, etc
4. Dimension: Thickness: 7mm-22mm, Width: 1200mm/1220mm, Length :2400mm-3600mm
5.Automation: Semi degree automatic and high degree automatic
6. Type: a) Common paper surface b) Fireproof paper surface c) Waterproof paper surface

Production Line Flow Chart

Main Features
1. high quality, very light in weight, but strong
2. less investment, stable performance
3. more working plants & ready machines & famous experts




Machine Parts
Name: Paper supply system
Usage:Provides paper to the gypsum board.
Composition: The paper roll lifting machine, uncoiling device, pneumatic paper receiving machine, paper
storing machine, paper pulling machine, paper guiding machine, scoring machine and automatic correction machine.
Machine parts
Name: Forming and solidification system
Usage:To form the semi-finished gypsum board products from the gypsum powder slurry.
Composition: board forming machine, vibrating forming machine, automatic vertical edge devices,
frequency control forming belt, angle edge belt, up into device, belt deviation rectification device, etc
Machine Parts
Name: Automatic cutting system
Cutting the solidified plate on molding belt machine into required length.
Composition: accelerating device, measuring device, servo cutting machine, PLC control system, etc.
Main Features
Name: Transit system
Horizontally transport the cut plate to distributor.
Composition: accelerating device, horizontal transport device, plate turnover device, servo motor control system, etc.
Drying system
Semi-Automatic PET Bottle Blowing Machine Bottle Making Machine Bottle Moulding Machine
PET Bottle Making Machine is suitable for producing PET plastic containers and bottles in all shapes.
Overview of the whole Gypsum Board Machine Line






















































Pre-Sales Service                                After-Sales Service
* Inquiry and consulting support.                * Training how to instal the machine, training how 
* Sample testing support.                        to use the machine.
* View our Factory.                              * Engineers available to service machinery overseas.

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